The FL-243 series processing unit (Patent Pending) was designed to efficiently mix a high slump material (slurry) with a minimal amount of a dry product, to create a by-product that has a low slump discharge. This by-product can now be handled as a “solid” material. Depending on the dry product used, characteristics of the “solid” by-product may lend to a secondary use or ease of disposal. The FL-243 unit operates on a continuous process, not on a batch type process, which allows for larger output at days end.

The FL-243 was designed for ease of set-up / teardown and can be operated by a single competent operator.



FL-243 system solidifies water based slurry mixtures like:

  • Daylighting and pothole liquids from Vacuum trucks and portable Vacuum units.
  • HDD liquids – as received, no pre-cleaning required.
  • Pond sludges.
  • Construction site maintenance and cleanup liquids.
  • Liquids received at dump sites.

Features & Benefits

  • No need for liquids to leave construction job site.
  • Avoids high liquids dump fees.
  • Enables better vacuum truck utilization, no need to leave the job site or travel into congested traffic for hours to dump liquids.
  • In any environmental approval application to do job, can specify “no liquid slurries need to leave the jobsite”.
  • Solids retained on site can be used for cover or as part of remediation materials, so no disposal costs and may save some remediation material costs.
  • If no use for solids on site, they can be stored and shipped offsite at off peak travel time at lower cost than liquids shipping.
  • Can be blended with other soils as remediation material.

Solidification History

SURFACE TO SURFACE, INC. has been involved in the business of mixing, separating, flocculation and solidification for over 25 years.



Blend of mostly sodium bentonite clay & superabsorbent polymer (used in baby diapers)
Inert fine particle powderNot A Reagent
Performs mechanical actions of sorption by polymer absorbing water, sodium bentonite adsorbing water, and binding by ion exchangeNot A Chemical Reaction
Solidified waste is classed as a solid if it meets standard slump or paint filter tests
Uses only 0.75% to 2.0% powder by weight of slurry processed depending on amount of water in the slurry
Solidification on the spot immediately follows mixing by the FL-243

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Buy from Surface to Surface, in 2000 lb. super sacs in truck load quantities.
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