The family of FLAILBOND® products are designed to be highly efficient at absorbing, adsorbing, and binding of fluids, slurries, and semi-solids, with the end results being a superior solidification and stabilization. The products contain ingredients including SAP’s, inert fibers, and non-biodegradable minerals. Dust suppression additives are added to help make the work place environment less hazardless. The product blends are unique in the individual make-up, with each preforming best on a specific type of fluid or semi-solid. From highly aqueous material (water) to hydrocarbon contamination**, FLAILBOND® products will do the job.

There is no chemical reaction, only absorption, adsorption and or bonding by ion exchange.

FLAILBOND® products can be bucket (batch) mixed or use the STS FL-243 for more efficient and consistent mixing.

(**The concentration of any contaminants may influence the product’s results. Call for assistance and recommendation.)