Engine Change

Surface to Surface Inc. has now made a change to the Gas engines that are used on our mixing systems.

Subaru/Robin has announced that as of September 2017 it is discontinuing its line of small engines.

As quality products are our main goal, not just any Gas motor will do. After extensive research and discussions with different manufacturers Surface to Surface has chosen to go with the Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Series motor on there M4, M750 and M1500 series Gas Mixing Systems.

The B&S Vanguard Series motors with a cast sleeve, low oil warning light and a ball bearing ( Not a bushing ) on the PTO cover makes this motor a excellent replacement for the Subaru/Robin engine that has been used for the last 15 years.

You can check out the B&S Specs at the link below





Introducing the FL‐243 & ST2000 called the “Mud Hub”

SEEN it at the ICUEE show and were interest but no time to spend with so many vendors to see.
HEARD about it but not sure where to go and get information.

Surface to Surface Inc. & Vermeer have joined forces to help solve the problem of Vacuum truck day lighting and HDD fluid material disposal, with the introduction of the FL‐243 & ST2000 or at the show called the “Mud Hub”.

STS has stepped outside of the box of manually mixing a dry powder into a pit or container of semi solid “waste” material with the thinking that this was very inefficient mixing and time consuming.  We came up with a patent pending unit that is cost effective and simple to operate.  The FL‐243 was born, manufactured and tested.

The unit has an 800 gal hopper that the waste wet material can be conveyed, pumped or loaded with an excavator and the screened top keep out anything over 3‐1/2” in size.

A hardened high quality auger running in a high abrasion resistant, covered trough conveys the wet material up and into a premix chamber where it is combined with a dry product.  Although there are other available dry products on the market that will work with the FL‐243, STS has available specify designed, ENVIRO FRIENDLY products that have been tested with the FL‐243.

As these two exit the mix chamber as one and fall into the awaiting spinning flails, the materials are smashed, beaten and combined together in a homogeneous slurry and expelled into the awaiting pile or container to solidify into a mass that can be shovelled in as little as 15 minutes.

The auger speeds are variable allowing you to tweak the mixture to your liking.  The unit also has other numerous features built‐in that the people at STS believe you may need.

The FL‐243 at the ICUEE was combined with the Vermeer ST2000 drive over Vacuum truck unloader. This unloader also stores and feeds the FL‐243 making it the perfect turnkey unit, also known as the “Mud Hub.

Together or apart these units make short work of your semi solids or wet waste material giving you piece of mind and better bottom line.

Give STS or your local Vermeer dealer a call to get all the particulars or go to the Solidification page to download the info and see the video of the FL243 at work.

Vermeer premiered the “Mud Hub” at the ICUEE show

Although Surface to Surface Inc. was not able to be at the ICUEE show with our renowned HDD bentonite mixers and our crossover mixer/recyclers for the mining and exploration drillers, Vermeer was there with our new turnkey solidification unit. Vermeer premiered a new turnkey product called the Mud Hub which consists of the Surface to Surface FL243 Solidification Mixer and the Vermeer ST2000 Unloader unit. These two units combined will allow Hydro-Vac material to be dumped directly into the Vermeer ST2000 Unloader and processed with the Surface to Surface FL243 solidification mixer into a disposable solid in the matter of just minutes. For more information on this unit contact us or contact your local Vermeer Dealer.