The new Magnus* geothermal grouting tool from STS Mixers allows you to fully grout your borehole and achieve a properly positioned loop for maximum conductivity and with very little effort.

The Magnus can be:

•     Used vertically, horizontally or any angle in between
•     Fed into the borehole mechanically or manually  by hand
•     Attached to drill rod, steel pipe or plastic tremmie line
•     Used with most all grouts

The Magnus offers these benefits:

•     Simple to use and rig up
•     Positive mechanical separation of drilling fluid and grout
•     Easy clean up of tool
•     Never a need to dig an exit hole
•     Designed to keep loop from twisting
•     Loop is anchored at bottom of hole
•     All steel construction
•     No problem of loop buoyancy while feeding down vertical hole
•     No clips, spacers, rebar or weights needed that may hang-up
•     Design of tool keeps loop forced to the outside wall of the hole
•     Insures a clean, debris-free hole by the swabbing action as the tool is inserted and withdrawn
•     No foreign material is allowed into drill rod or tremmie line while placing loop in the borehol

How the Magnus works

•     Drill the borehole to desired depth, trip out the drill rods and install the grouting tool onto your drill
       pipe or your tremmie line.
•     Hook the geothermal loop to the push rod and then slip the push rod onto the end of the grouting tool.
•     Push the grouting tool (loop now attached) into the borehole until it reaches the end of the hole. As
       the tool is pushed into the hole, the drilling fluid flows into the front of the tool and exits the rear of
       the tool by pushing the end cap open, thus stopping the "piston effect" (picture A).
•     Now at the bottom of the borehole, simply start pumping grout down your drill pipe or tremmie line
       while drawing the tool back. (picture B). The flow of the grout will force the push rod (with the
       loop attached) out of the tool and anchor into the side of the borehole. As the tool is drawn back,
       the drill fluid will slide the end cap closed and the tool, now becoming a swab, will force the drill
       fluid and any debris back out the entrance of the borehole. The grout will be filling the void as the
       tool is drawn backwards, and the integrated slots of the tool body will keep the loop separated
       and pressed against the outside of the drilled hole (picture C).
•     Once the tool has been fully withdrawn from the hole, simply disconnect the drill pipe or tremmie line
       from the tool, rinse off, and you are ready to go again.

* Patent pending

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